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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Soccer Team Trip to Portland

Trip #1:

A local youth soccer team in Bend wants to reward its players with a fun end-of-season trip to Portland. The coach organizes a charter bus for 18 players and parents to travel from Bend to Portland, have a full day visiting attractions like the Portland Children’s Museum and OMSI, and return that evening. He books the bus for a Saturday in June from 7am-10pm. The total driving distance roundtrip is about 360 miles. Since it’s peak season and a weekend, the rate for an 18 passenger bus is $170 per hour. With 15 hours booked, plus a 10% driver tip, the total cost comes out to $2,745. While not cheap, everyone agrees it’s worth it for the convenience, safety and fun memories. And it still works out to just $152 per person – not bad for a full day of transportation and bonding for the team.

Soccer Team Day Trip

Trip #2:

A youth soccer team in Bend wants to take a day trip to Portland for a tournament. There are 14 players on the team, plus 2 coaches who will be chaperoning. They decide to rent a 16 passenger minibus for the trip, allowing each player to have their own row. The 200 mile roundtrip starts at 8 AM in Bend and returns at 8 PM. They are quoted $950 for the one day rental. This comes out to about $59 per person. The coaches add an extra 10% tip for their driver, bringing their total minibus rental cost to $1,045. The team is able to relax and focus on their tournament rather than worrying about driving or parking. The minibus rental provides a comfortable and convenient team trip within their budget.

Basketball Tam Trip to Game

Trip #3:

A youth basketball team in Bend wants to reward their players for a great season by taking them on an overnight trip to Portland to see the Trail Blazers play. The coach books one of our luxury 56-passenger buses to comfortably transport the 12 players and coaching staff the 3 hours from Bend to Portland. She rents the bus for a full 24 hours so they can make stops along the way and she doesn’t have to worry about pickup times. The total quote for the bus rental is $2,300. This covers pickup in Bend, transportation to Portland, availability throughout their stay for any required shuttling, and return transportation back to Bend. With 12 passengers plus coaches, this works out to just under $200 per person for safe, reliable, and comfortable roundtrip transportation. The coach happily tips the driver 15% at the end for providing excellent service.

Instant Prices via Text & Email Available - Click Here